Thursday, February 25, 2010


One of the things you don't need in life along with an IRS audit is a DUI.

Yet, each week I meet with intelligent, successful people who admit had they been stopped last Saturday or last Tuesday night they would have blown over the limit.

Denial is a powerful thing. It leads us into the blind alleys and cul-de-sacs of life.Don't believe me? Then just ask, Tiger,Bill,David,Michael,Lindsay and all the other apologists we have endured. There will be a new one within a week. I guarantee it! I will blog it. Let's be sure it is not you.

Check out the consequences of a DUI.A harassing night in jail. $10-20K in legal fees. Loss of your license. Your car locked up, perhaps twice.Limits to your mobility beyond a county or two. Fines and fees up the kazoo. Class and community service. Probation. Pee tests with a witness.A black mark on your record for life. Embarrassment among family and friends. Job and career implications. Headline possibilities, depending upon who you are.And this is assuming you don't kill someone or yourself.

The police are watching. They want to get you and make an example of you. Take a cab. A fifty dollar meter read is a bargain--even a $100 or more. Be safe, not sorry. DUI means Don't Undertake Intoxication--Do Use Intelligence. Be safe, be smart, be responsible.

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