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Several people told me about the book, "The Secret" in a way that turned me off. They gave me examples that seemed silly.

The other day someone described it in a way that was similar to what psychologists call self-fulfilling prophecy. That means that our expectations can shape what actually happens under certain situations. For example, positively expecting to win the lottery will not, in my opinion, influence your winning it. The lotto is a random proccess, immune to human thinking and expectations.

However, medical outcomes have been found to be tied directly to our expectations. Anticiapte much pain, scaring and a long reciovery and the odds are that will happen. Expect some, but minimal pain, little scaring and rapid healing and the odds are that will happen. Similarly, expect to do well on a test or in your golf game or whatever performance issue and you will increase the probablility of your doing well. Expect negative outcomes and you increase the odds of them happening. This is precisely why people have been preaching positive thinking ever since Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote the book long ago.

Observe yourself in various settings and listen to your inner voice. Is it positive or negative? If the latter try moving to to a more positive view. If you can't get there, try to get to neutral. That is, "I don't know what will happen,but I am hopeful...".  Eventually, with effort, we can move our minds to more positive expectations.

As for me, I am going to read "The Secret".  I anticipate that much of it will be worth my time and helpful. I will let you know.

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