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The following was chosen by one of our faithful readers as their favorite and is being repeated. New blogs will start up February 1, 2010.

The roads to getting hooked on happy and positivism is a slow one with many obstacles in our path. First you need to get to neutral which, for most people, takes a little while in its own right. Then from neutral we have to reframe the way we look at life. We need to change the filters that cause our thinking patterns which, in turn, greatly influence our emotional reactions aka our feelings.

As I have previously written in a brief article called." The Slow Evolving Process of Personal Growth," (see menu choice writings),our personal growth comes slowly. It also comes at any time which makes the adage,"you can't teach an old dog new tricks," totally untrue. This old dog has learned many new tricks in the past few years! Slow as it might be it is a wonderful and fulfilling feeling when it arrives.

Let's look at some of the filters we need to incorporate inorder to get to positive spaces more of the time:

. gratitude for all the stuff we are thankful for--and we gotta count it all--write
it down if that will help
. acceptance of the many issues over which we have no control (say the serenity
prayer three times a day)
. optomism that things will turn out all right for ourselves and those we love
. healthy denial that bad things happen to other people and not us or ours
. compassion for ourselves and others given our imperfections,limitations
and shortcomings
. a strong sense, based on the reality of our lives, that we deserve happiness,
pleasure,comfort, peace of mind,etc.
. a sentry that catches us going back into negativity and propels us forward into
positive space
. an understanding that happiness and positivism are not always going to be
present when our lives encounter a speed bump,but that we will cope and rise above
and return to positive ASAP--or at least as soon as that is appropriate

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