Monday, January 25, 2010


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On Friday I blogged about a free group that Mimi, our Director of the Tranquility Center, is starting to help people strengthen their committment to being more positive in their day to day lives. For more information call her at 954 696 1248.

I thought this week I would blog some on that topicand the general area of happiness. The latter is really elusive in today's world. I believe we suffer from information overload. Bad news has always traveled fast,but never faster than now. And, it comes at us from so many different sources.

I encourage people, especially sensitive and emotionally worn people, to block as much of that input as possible. It is important to surround yourself with that which soothes and comforts your soul. Think about what that is for you and think about how you can increase its presence in your life.

Happiness and positivism do not come naturally to most of us. People tend to be overwhelmed by their fears,worries,anticipations and negative expectations. Many dwell on what is or might go wrong as opposed to what is right--RIGHT NOW! One of the goals of a person trying to get to more positive spaces more often is to practice staying in what I call, the moment of the now.

As your mind drifts to negativity like a tongue going right for the hole left by a tooth extraction, pull it back. Change the direction of your thoughts by switching to a different channel. Remind yourself of the present moment and do something to make that moment a little more comforting and a little brighter. Someone once wrote a book called, " Happiness is a Choice."  Start right now to choose it more often.

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