Tuesday, January 5, 2010

15 1/2 Relaxing/Fun Things You Can Do for Free

The following was chosen by one of our faithful readers as their favorite and is being repeated. New blogs will start up February 1, 2010.

• Take a bath by candlelight with or without bubbles.
• Invite your partner or special person to join you ( a good way to clean up your act!).
• Walk in the park or on the beach or just sit on a bench there. Perhaps meet a special person.
• Listen to relaxing music in the bath, on the bench or while walking or while you eat dinner or do the dishes or anytime.
• Watch an old movie on TV.
• Look through albums, pictures or family videos and remember the good old happy days and believe that they will return.
• Dance with your beloved in your living room or any room as if you were teens.
• Write a response (please be kind) to one of our blogs and press submit.
• Do relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, yoga, tai chi or whatever you are comfortable doing to de-stress.
• Spend 5-10 minutes a day remembering happier times and envisioning a healthy, positive future.
• Feel grateful for all you still have despite whatever you have lost.
• Make a list of what is really, really important to you and go for it.
• Go to a free support group…even if it isn’t for a problem you have.
• Get in touch with what made your “inner child/teen” happy. Blow bubbles, skip, shoot hoops, listen to your generation’s music, read a comic or whatever.
• Go to a bookstore or library and read fun stuff for free.
• Think of other things that can work and send your ideas to us. ( This is the 1/2!)

Kitle Turmell

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