Monday, December 21, 2009


On 12/10 the sun sentinel front page compared our weather to Albany, New York and North Dakota. Do people really live in Dakota--north or south? If so, WHY?

We had 85 degrees and sunny the day before. NY had 36 degrees and snow and Fargo was minus 7. I have talked about gratitude before. Now is the time to feel it! Tonight it is 16 in the big frozen apple!

All of this reminded me of why we moved here in '72. I was working as a psychologist for IBM in Westchester County, NY. The weather was beastly and I was convinced our street received double snow and ice. I would get half way up the driveway and slide right back down to the street. My garage doors froze to the floor on a regular basis. We were always sick.

I had to come to do some interviews in Miami in December of '71. I left in a snow storm and arrived on a balmy, sunny, blue sky day.  People talked of their boats while I talked about my sled!That night I called my wife and said, "There is a better way to live and I am not waiting till we are 65 to move here. We relocated in August of '72. Six months later I had an emotional down that lasted five years.

Sun and palm trees do no automatically make for a healthy life. Happy to say I finally got past that and was able to enjoy our lovely weather and so much more.

I am grateful for many things. Hope you are too!

It won't be a white Xmas. But it will be a pleasant one.

Happy holidays.

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