Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I was at a holiday lunch today at Capital Grill. It was overfilled.The tables reminded me of Europe where you feel that you are eating and sharing space with strangers. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

It was also noisy and intense which took away from the ambiance.The food was good, but pricey. Service was slow.

I was struck by how silly adults can be. The table next to ours had one of those grab bags where you keep changing gifts. Snuggles were traded for screw drivers, etc. Amazing how a $15 gift can turn into a competitive event replete with put downs that reminded me of the high school locker room.

Maybe I am just an old fart. Or maybe, I am a voice of reason amid a lot of silly stuff. I question whether in these difficult times it is worth it to indulge in expensive lunches and dinners. Wouldn't it be more meaningful to say to staff, friends, referral sources, etc. "This year we shall donate what we would normally spend on a silly party that most pretend to enjoy and can't wait to leave, to a worthwhile charity?"


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Old Fart Bill,


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