Monday, December 14, 2009


Tiger bites his own ass and balls! No hole in one for him. Have putter, will travel! Maybe he can promo Viagra, condoms, strip clubs and porn sites.

Lettermen a womanizer...but hey, he can laugh it off. The question is can his wife?

Signs on University Drive in Ft. Lauderdale...Watch out for Thieves, Lock Your Doors

Local Pols take small bribes and face large jail terms.

Crazy headlines every single day!

Ft. Lauderdale's, Ponzi Jr.

Multimillion dollar bonus for  bogus execs...and we, the taxpayer, pay them for failing!

Insane health care situation and no real solution in sight.

The Peace prize for a warrior with no track record.

For understandable reasons it is very hard to trust. Tomorrow I will try to outline a plan.

Bye For Now,


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