Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Like building muscle, building trust takes some work.We must look away from everything I said yesterday and say, "Most people are honest, decent folk working hard to earn an honest living and loving their partners and children and trying their best to do the right thing. Always a few rotten apples to spoil the barrel. We can't let them spoil our barrel. We need to see past the weeds to the lovely grass, beautiful flowers and tall trees." We need to remain hopeful and optimistic.

We need to proceed with caution--now more than ever--but we need to proceed. We need to surround ourselves with honorable, loyal people and walk or run from those who show themselves not to be. We must assume we will be safe and carry on.

We need to say the serenity prayer three times a day as we can only control so much. Mostly, our own behavior. For the rest we need to let go and let GD or whomever. Our mantra is simply," It will be OK, We and our loved ones will be OK. Let us assume, hope and pray."

A healthy and fulfilling new year to all the good people in the world. Rotten luck for the rest.

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