Thursday, December 10, 2009


It is truly hard for people to understand sociopaths such as BM in New York and BM Jr.( aka Scott R. in Ft. Lauderdale. BM got 60 billion, while Jr only 1.2 billion. Still that is reported to be the largest fraud case in the State of Florida, the capital of Ponziacs and other assorted sociopaths.

Jr's attorney was quoted last week as saying,"...I believe that he is truly a decent human being...". That is like nominating Jack The Ripper for an eagle scout or that the man who killed about a dozen women in the mid west and kept their body parts around his house is the life of the party. Death of the party, don't you think?

Then we had Jr's old friends weigh in including a school roommate, classmates and a girl he kissed tenderly in High School. The general conclusion was that his becoming a sociopath didn't occur till he entered the profession of law. Give me a break.

Sociopathy starts young. He probably took someone elses' pencil in first grade. He most likely kissed three girls on the same day and fed them all the same bs line. He  probably borrowed money from two of them and never returned it. You just don't have a conscience for a while and then lose it like an umbrella. If you don't have a conscience, you don't have a conscience. And you can't buy one--just an image-temporarily!

As for being a decent human being, let's just say he knew how to imitate one. The Platters sang, "Oh Yes I'm The Great Pretender" years ago. Ponziacs have excellent pretender skills. They seem like the greatest, most decent people, but are , in fact, the opposite.

 Decent people don't lie, cheat or steal. They don't say A and mean X. They don't take from friends, family and associates. They don't disgrace themselves and those around them.,
Decent people, behave, well, decently and follow the rules. They earn money the old fashioned way--they work for it. Decent people aren't sociopaths and sociopaths are not decent people. 

Watch out for them. They are all around  and they want you---indecently!

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