Friday, December 25, 2009


I have been volunteering at the Youth Automotive Training Program (YATC) for many years. It was founded by Jim & Jan Moran to help delinquent young adults find a better road on which to travel. They are taught auto mechanics, able to obtain a GED and offered many opportunities to learn life skills. Over 90% go on to work and/or obtain additional education via scholarships and live proud and productive lives. A few don't.

Last week, Angel, who graduated two years ago, who wasn't being an angel, drove his car into a tree at 5AM and unfortunately became an angel. My sympathies to his Aunt Carol, the rest of the family and to the staff at YATC. They worked very hard t help him choose a different path.

There is a life lesson here for all of us. We need to stay on healthy and appropriate roads. Being good is not always easy, but being bad often leads to not so good outcomes. If you don't believe me just ask all the high profile people who slammed themselves into a tree of one kind or another in the past few months.

In the spirit of giving today, why not check out and send a donation in Angel's name. In that way, you can be an angel here on earth. What more appropriate day to do that than today.

Hopefully, for you and your family, it is a Merry Christmas.

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