Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I can deal with being passed up for "Sexiest Man" at this age. Harder to accept not being among the "Most Intriguing." Despite my Tommy B wardrobe I can live with not being among the  best dressed. But, to be passed up again for Person of the Year by Time Magazine is more than I can handle. And to lose to Ben B.

For goodness sakes, he works every 3 months and says to his compatriots, " We are not raising interest rates." They all say," right" and then go for an expensive lunch. Every once in a while he goes to the senate or the congress and tells them what they want to hear. In 2007, he assured us that the sub-prime mortgage problem would not spill onto the general financial markets. That's like someone telling me, "Hurricane Wilma will not destroy your backyard." Optimistic, but wrong.

Or maybe, the truth of the matter is that I help a few people, while people like Ben try their very best to help all people. In that sense, I accept being looked over another year. Who knows, 2010 may be mine. Then again, I could have gotten the Nobel prize for peace. At least I didn't send 30,000 troops into war! And I am a peace loving guy.

Of all things silly, Tiger got the athlete of the decade award last week. Go figure. I was sure he would get  nominated for disappointment of the year. That's one award I will be happy to be passed on. You too! Watch out for the GLOP in 2010 and beyond!

At the end of the day, awards just gather dust. So does falling from grace. Watch your back cause it is not likely that anyone else will.

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