Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The hurricane season ended yesterday.

Back when it began I drove through many neighborhoods and marveled at how South Florida finally came back from Wilma. The trees were back and the roofs returned. Blue tarps were few and far between. I thought about so many places here and there that were creamed by serious storms over the last many years. Who could possibly forget New Orleans? I root for their football team out of respect and hope they go all the way undefeated! They need and deserve a major win.

So let us breath a collective sigh of relief and say thanks to mother nature for going very easy on us this year. And let us ask the media to go easy on us next season. Their hype hurts and is often way off base.

Bye For Now,



954 475 1371 x 1
561 361 1898 x 1

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