Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This week three different women driving three different large trucks played chicken with me. They were turning in my direction with one hand. Where was there other hand? You guessed it. Crazy glued to a cell phone.

It is not easy to steer a large vehicle with one hand. It is easy to have a head on collision. If I have to swerve out of your way, I'm not chicken.  You, on the other hand, are delusional. Get a grip or at least a bluetooth. PLEASE! Realize that you are driving a lethal weapon. It requires your attention and both hands. Or, stay the hell out of my way!

Why aren't legislators banning cells without earpieces? It seems like a no brainer and a slam dunk. Call op write them if you agree.

Finally, when heavy rains hit us here in South Florida Thursday and Friday, I passed accident after accident.  Why don't drivers realize that the rains signal slowing down, paying attention and putting down the cell phones? Why don't they realize that an accident will slow them down much longer than going 30 MPH instead of 45-50+?

I hope in 2010 everyone will grow up and face reality, simply because I don't want to get hurt or killed in a crash. Nor do I want my loved ones hurt in any way as well.

Driving is an adult responsibility and if you can't live up to that, perhaps it is time to get a tricycle and move more slowly forward. If you do please wear a helmet.

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