Thursday, December 17, 2009


We tend to think about those immediately hurt by a scandal or a Ponziac or  other negative event. We often fail to consider the peripheral damage to innocent people not directly involved.

Every time a celebrity, politician, athlete gets caught with his pants around his ankles hundreds of thousands of men get attacked by partners who have caught them cheating in the past. It could be years later and their relationships can be going along just swell, but all those men will hear, "SO, Tiger is your Frat Brother", or  "Can't trust anyone these about you?" or " I'm crying because what happened to the Governor's family happened to ours. Mind's work by association and wounded minds go right there.

The men stand there dumbfounded or pissed saying, "He screwed up, I've been  Saint Peter ( literally) and I'm getting nailed for that SOB's misdeeds?" I call that collateral damage.

Also, beyond those greedy people who got Ponzied, there is a large group of innocents who get burned too. Consider the vendors who catered to Mr. BIG SHOT for a while, the guys who cleaned their Borgoti's and other cars and the people who mowed the lawns of their many houses. The caterers and the fine wine merchants and the watch purveyors, the private jets owners and pilots, hotels restaurants, waiters and waitresses, etc. etc. The domino effect runs wide and very innocent people get hurt too.

One group score well collaterally. The lawyers rise again--some charging $900 an hour and they don't always know how to tell time. I call that collateral privilege for those already privileged. Some guys have all the luck. Just ask Rod Stewart.

But there is yet another group whose collateral damage is the worst of all. The soldiers and their families maimed or killed in war. Also,  the innocent people in war zones who are killed, seemingly on a daily basis. It seems crazy to me that in an age of such sophistication on every level that war still exists as a force of evildoing. May we find peace in 2010 and beyond. It is enough already. Life is hard enough already! PEACE!

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