Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I guess the fact that I missed a blog on Friday--the first time that happened--is a barometer of just how busy I am these days.

I have had so much going on--home renovations, two articles, two holiday parties last weekend, an ailing 99+ mother, planning a trip, etc.--that I completely forgot about the blog.

As I didn't receive cards and letters dissing me for doing that suggests that everyone else is busy too. On a previous web site I had a cartoon I created that showed a woman sitting on my office love seat, holiday shopping bags all around and her comment was, "I am just too stressed to come back for my therapy until next year."

I hope you and I will take a deep breath and allow the holidays to be pleasant and peaceful instead of a stress factory.

In fact, in January, I am going to let my mind rest and repeat some of the best of the best of my blogs. If you have a particular favorite let me know.

Bye For Now,


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