Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We shouldn't focus on the people who fall off the mountain. They get the most coverage, but we should tune out after a while. The news becomes redundant, annoying and a downer.

We need to find healthy role models to inspire us. Brett Favre is one of those people and I was pleased to see him identified by BABA WALTERS as one of the most fascinating people of 2009. I don't know much about him other than he has made several comebacks in his life and having a grand season playing for his long term rivals. He has shown determination, grit and guts, not to mention age inappropriate, but amazing performance. He hasn't fallen from grace best as I know, but plays football with much grace. He just loves playing football and plays it with shock and awe.

He inspires me to feel that age is not a barrier to accomplishment and that it is helpful not to care what others' think in many situations. He plays the game of football and the game of life his way. I try to model his lead. Go out for a pass. NOT!! Go out for an explanation of why your mind is messed up. I'm here for you. Won't be a touch DOWN, but a touch UP!!

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