Thursday, November 12, 2009


This morning, 11/5/09 I went for my walk in the park. The sky was gray, but it wasn't raining. I got about a third around and the heavens opened up. It was a long route back to my car and by the time I arrived I was soaked.

The negative person would say," Shoot. The rain clouds follow me literally and figuratively. Just can't catch a break. I really wanted to walk. It's not fair."

Easy to go there, but I opted to follow my own advice. Here is what I said:

                              I am grateful I can walk. The sun shines in Florida 9+ out of 10 times.
                              This gives me more time at the gym and less stress in fitting it all in. I
                              can walk tomorrow. Should be my biggest problem in life. It's all good.

Try thinking that way when your expectations are blocked by uncontrollable events. Happiness, in many, but not all situations, may very well be a choice.

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