Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have previously written about gratitude as an important part of positivism. No matter the situation, everyone has something--usually many things-- for which to be thankful. Even the worst life is better than none.

I encourage you to count it all tomorrow as you hopefully celebrate Thanksgiving in some fashion. I encourage you to be creative in identifying that which for which you can feel thankful--despite the hardships and bad hands that you have drawn. No one gets blackjack hand after hand.

Be sure to thank those who have been there for you in small, medium and larger ways. Hug those who have been there X-Large!

I don't really think Thanksgiving is about the Pilgrims and the Indians. It is about appreciating and loving those to whom you feel grateful. It is about giving thanks to those who have been giving to you.

Talk to you again  on Monday.

Bye 4 Now,


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  1. Dr. Penzer,
    Thank-You! Two simple words speaking for myself and probably many others that you have helped over the years with your words of wisdom. Enjoy your blogs....uplifting and supportive!