Friday, November 13, 2009


I really enjoyed watching the World Series. As a kid from the Bronx I certainly enjoyed watching the Yankees win. I understand that if you are a Redsox fan I just lost you as a fan of this blog. Sorry! Go Botox, next year! Sorry, Bosox!

HOWEVER, PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY BASEBALL AND SPITTING ARE SYNONAMOUS? I LEARNED EARLY IN LIFE THAT PUBLIC SPITTING WAS DISGUSTING AND UNACCEPTABLE! Here are these men earning millions upon millions of dollars compulsively spitting on national TV. Note that the umps don't spit--they just repeatedly screw up the calls! Their spit is virtual.

Perhaps when baseball and chewing tobacco were one I might have understood it better. Best as I know tobacco is banned and bubble gum is the allowed chew. Double bubble, best as I recall, does not require spitting.

Here is my explanation. Baseball is the most boring of all sports except for that silly Olympic game where brooms are used to move a puck-like object along. It is big in Canada. It has a name, but I have forgotten it. I turn it off as fast as Family Feud!

In any event, baseball is so boring that the players and coaches have to do something to keep themselves awake and that is chewing vigorously and spitting...not to mention grabbing their testicles like rap stars. As role models for the young there needs to be some rules-- (i.e., you can spit 3 times in a game and grab your crotch twice). Anymore than that is an automatic out.

Believe me when I say it doesn't play well on TV. But the Yankees did and that was nice.

Bye For Now,

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