Friday, November 20, 2009


Who ever said that addiction was limited to drugs, alcohol and the like. People get addicted to many things including making/taking money. Sociopaths get addicted to swine flu in the piggy, piggy, piggy sense of the term!

Bernie in New York and baby Bernie here in Florida liked the limelight and the sense of self- importance. They liked the multiple homes, cars and celebrity status. They liked the drivers,body guards and other aids who served them. They liked the POWER--plain and not so simple. They were addicts, no different than junkies on the streets. They were hooked on taking people for a ride. They were absolutely addicted to their scheme of choice! Abusing others served them well for a while and poorly now given that they were caught with their pants around their ankles--really no pants or undies at all. They have come undone, just like all addicts eventually do.

The sociopath is addicted to dishonor and they just can't help themselves. Watch out for them. They are out there and looking for you as we speak. Next week we will look at the complex issue of trust in the 21st century.

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