Thursday, November 19, 2009


They say to themselves, "Screw Them." They say, "I will be able to make this right eventually." They say, "I don't have time right now to figure it all out, but I will." They live in delusional space where the rubber doesn't quite meet the road. But they are going so fast it doesn't really matter. Screech!

Juggler's of this kind don't have much time to think as they are mostly busy covering themselves, generating more revenues and being given awards. Before they fall from grace they enjoy a few moments of being acknowledged. The sociopath is good at associating with noble causes. They surround themselves with the sound of heavenly music. They are seen as the pillars of the community, until those pillars collapse in an OMG gasp.

I don't want to sound as if I am soft on sociopaths, but I think they are really seriously disordered people and need help--serious help. They are as addicted to their game as those on H and Coke. More about this tomorrow.

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