Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The first thing you need to know about the BM's (sociopaths) of the world is that they lack a well defined conscience.  Freud taught us about the id, ego and superego. The latter is our conscience and that helps us know right from wrong--most of the time.

The id represents our primitive parts that need to be checked at the door. The id is Adam and Eve all over again. The super ego plays by the rules. The ego tries to mediate between the two so that at least most of the time we color in the lines.

Sociopaths have no conscience and a very  weak ego. They are narcissistic and mostly id based. They say, on many levels, " FEED ME NOW! " They worry mostly about themselves. Others are pawns to their kings and queens in the chess game of life. They love power more than they love anyone else. They are greedy, selfish and  consumed  by their own ambitions. They are in a "NO LIMIT" game of Texas Hold-Them! We are their victims.

What do they say to themselves?  Tomorrow, we will address that.

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  1. I guess they say to themselves "give me more and more and more". What a cess pool.

    I love the lesson on the id, ego and super ego, I would like to learn more about them. Very interesting.