Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm back on track,
Plugged into a wrong jack,
Like a quarterback and a sack,
Thanks for not giving me flack.

This world of ours works very well,
Until a small snafu takes us right to H...
We are at the mercy of those in the know,
Let's appreciate them, cause they run our show.

I will give thanks on Thursday for my wife and life partner, Ronnie, of almost 50 years my family, friends, colleagues and for Brad, Justin, Maria, Maritza and George and all the other people who have helped us and the lovely, soft-spoken AT&T man who came to my house at no charge and put the phone plug into the right jack--and that ain't JACK!

Bye 4 Now,



954 475 1371 x 1
561 361 1898 x 1

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