Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I SEEM TO HAVE BECOME ADDICTED TO HAPPY.  Not a bad thing, really! I hope the same happens to you. If it gets to bad we will start a happy addict support group. Come to the group and learn to be miserable. Sorry, but most of us know how to do that without further training.

In any event, I forgot a dental floss app. How's that for combining yesterdays blog about I technology with happy technology? How about if all of you loyal readers--all 6 of you-- start coming up with blog apps like they do for I Phones? We will charge 99 cents each. OK, we will give them away. Anything to make the world a little happier.

In any event, I forgot ACCEPTANCE as mental floss. Many painful, sad things are beyond our control or alteration. Either they are in the past or we just can't influence the present outcome in any direct way. Prayer may help, but beyond that we are powerless. Accepting the situation and sometimes just surrendering to it allows us to neutralize its emotional impact. Acceptance short circuits, anxiety, guilt and sometimes even depression.

Here is an example for someone layed off from work. Not my fault the economy is in the toilet. Doesn't make me  a bad person as I was loyal employee. I may not happy about the situation, but I am accepting it for what it is and mobilizing my energies to find a new job and move forward. I am proud of the job I did and the affiliation I had. I ACCEPT THIS AND THEREFORE WILL LET GO OF THIS AND MOVE ON. Tomorrow is what counts.

It is just that kind of dental floss that minimizes the spread of emotional bacteria.

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  1. Some happiness quotes from Patrick Whiteside

    Based on the the belief that Human Expereince begins in the mind:

    We expereince the world with our minds
    What of the body" The brain? These are at one with our minds.

    So.. to be happy..learn to use your mind differently. Teach yourself how to let your mind dwell in the present.


    You can use your breath, or your heartbeat, as an anchor.


    And you will be happy. Sit quietly for a while, undistracted..every day.

    Use whatever you can, whatever pleases you, to bring the mind back to itself...a pleasant sound, a tinkling bell, a plesant smell, perfume, a pleasant sight, a rainbow, or your beloved. Use whatever pleases you.. a pleasant taste, the salt of sweat or tears, a pleasant touch, tree bark, a child's hand. Use your senses. Use whatever you can.. a stretch, a game, a jog, a jig, a smile, a wave, a hug..Use your actions, then take a rest.

    Happiness depends on a mind that is clear, that is all! Like the still reflecting surface of a lake, a lake on which there is no ripple of hatred or anger, and not a breath of desire.
    There is really nothing for you to learn.. that your mind does not already know. It knows to be happy. Like you, it wants to be happy and calm. This is a mystery... which no one need unravel. Be patient...Accept the mystery.