Friday, November 6, 2009


One last thought on the subject of happy and positivism. I have always been struck by the parallels between running a company or a country and running our SELF. I have even written some articles on "Becoming the CEO of YourSELF". Seeking happiness and more positive perspectives requires managing our personal corporation well and fairly distributing resources that include you. Notice how the following quote can apply just as well to us:

                         "The foreigh policy that Obama favers, patient diplomacy on a multitude of fronts,
                           requires qualities of wisdom, horse-trading and fortitude."
                           Joe Klein, Time Magazine,10/26

I encourage you to persevere wisely and patiently as you horse trade for a happier position in the race we call life!

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  1. I am in total agreement with you and see and have experienced CEO of Self in roles of parenting, partner and building siginificant and lasting programs/projects in boardrooms with heavy hitters with deep pockets (mine excluded, my gender of female an exception as well) all ready to do something but what? Talk about putting an underpaid social worker in a Big candy shop! Rock star money and can't figure out what to do... let me see if I can come up with something. Dollars and dreams make for significant contributions and change.

    Serving others and committing to the life long service mindset was part of my makeup since the time that I understood what my makeup would be. I managed that gift because it came easily and there was a big sense of fulfillment in doing so. My career has thrived on many levels, sometimes almost killing me, but never-the-less, successful and significant to those in its' immediate sphere of influence. The thought of managing our priorities, our energies, our demons and our free will makes sense. I wouldn't go for the CEO Zar position, but it would be nice if somebody did. I like the practice of CEO of self as it gives focus and meaning to my every day life.

    For sometime I have been wondering why there seems to be a divide in our general population. From time to time I would ask Dr. Penzer for clarification. I would think about what I was trying to understand and putting it into words which added further confusion, but I asked the question "does everyone see or feel the need to get it together at some point", " why with so many resources, are some of us living our lives in hell and hate", is it that there are a group of us who attempt to live, work, love and enjoy our lives, and others who could care less?"
    Dr. Penzer said, yes, I asked why, he said that "assholes don't go to therapy". That pretty much summed it up for me and I didn't give it another thought.

    I love to cook, I think the Food Channel is porno for food lovers. We all eat to live, some with more enthusiasm than others.

    Professional sports, music and virtual entertainment sustain our energies and economy.

    The mere fact of exisitng and for way too many, trying to find the means to do so, is reality with all the triumphs and tragidies thrown in the bucket of life.

    If each day, we can wake up and find our way to a more content, confident and compassionate self, we've done our job as people of the universe, in which, we are guests.

    Why folks practice and thrive through vitaminds, mental flossing, defining, re-dfining, and defining our lives as we go through this passage of time, while others don't, isn't a mystery to me anymore.

    The "other group" seems self-centered, self-indulgent, self-oriented in most things and just plain selfish. Call it narcistic (self cancer)call it ego, call it power and greed, call it ignorant, call it a life wasted from my perspective.

    So, today I laugh after reading Dr. Penzer's blog. I have made a big deposit in my personal account, knowing there are many different kinds of people, some who live in sync with our universe and some who build private islands of existence, it's ok for me. Sure I wish everyone could catch a glimpse and feel of happy, and sure I hope and pray that we all can be the best we can be under any circumstances and yes, we all have the equal opportunity to do so. I'm not worried anymore. Thanks Bill