Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Perhaps I am getting too hooked on happy. We may leave this subject tomorrow,but will return to it again.

If I were naming today's blog I would title it "Pardon Me!"  To be truly happy and positive we need to rid ourselves of guilt. There are very few among us who haven't done something we now regret. Pat Conroy says, "Being an asshole is only another phrase for the human condition." (South of Broad, p.363).

Assuming no one got hurt other than you, perhaps it is time to forgive yourself. Terrible people get pardoned. I doubt if what you did was that bad. Please try to show some mercy for your SELF! We have a really awful tendency to carry our emotional debts forward, The liklihood is that we have paid our dues many times over.

It takes some work, but you can let go of your history that is no longer relevant. Update your program to NOW.  The reward will be the ability to enjoy it undiluted by the past. "People change. That's one of the nice parts of growing up." (Conroy, South of Broad, p361).

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  1. Today I vow not to waste anymore time on waste. Why today? Just as good as any, I have a lot of making up with myself to do.