Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have known about the power of distraction for a very long time. As a young boy I had to have a shot a week for my cold/bronchitis vulnerability. Somehow I learned that if I bit down on a wooden  tongue depressor at the moment of the shot it would lessen the pain. Needles were pretty thick back then !

I also discovered several years ago that reading the newspaper in the steam room distracted me from the heat. I enjoy the sweat,but not the Hate's-like heat.

Yesterday, I took my tape recorder to the park to walk and work on an article I am writing. I couldn't believe how fast I arrived back at my start spot and how little attention I paid to the multilevel sweat that had accumulated on my body on a 90 degree day--in October!

I believe that distraction--healthy distraction-- is what keeps us sane and comfortable-- through less than comfortable times. This is why TV and computers are so comforting as they distract us from us! It is OK as long as we stay grounded in reality and don't allow distractions to keep us from appropriately living and managing our lives. I hope this blog is a healthy and encouraging distraction for you. If so tell your family, friends,etc.

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