Friday, October 2, 2009


I would define therapy as doing anything that takes better care of you,allows for considering new ways to think about yourself and life and fosters personal growth, healthy living and peace of mind.

I sincerely hope you find therapy in your path real soon.

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  1. In our mindfulness coaching we work on taking one or two special thoughts, paying close attention to them in a nurturing and compassionate way and allowing that exchange and experience to be a positive and fulfilling one for us. It can be as simple as chewing our food a little slower, reaping the full benefit of our meal; being grateful that we have it and even more grateful that we enjoy it. Being mindful allows us to fall into the rapture of the moment. Its so beautiful when we add it to everday living. It softens the edges and can literally bring us joy! Imagine that.

    As Bill's blog suggest, you can find it anywhere, it's your for the taking.


    Tranquility Center Director
    William Penzer Ph.D and Associates