Monday, October 5, 2009


As I continue to read Pat Conroy's, "South of Broad", I realize that a good novelist can hit you right in your emotional lobanza and bring out all kinds of emotions. Depending on the page I love Pat or dislike him immensely/intensely as he makes me think, laugh or cry. But I always respect him and his ability to put words together to form sentences that are like the kiss of a loved one or the scalpel of a surgeon. Both go right to your heart!

Consider this brief sample from page 173:

                       Of all the friends I have, I think that Chad Rutledge and I understand each other
                       along every latitude and longitude of our melancholy hearts,and along the breathless
                       equator of our poor,lacerated souls.We like each other less than our other friends, yet
                       we share a respect for the talents and flaws of the other: we acknowledge the kinship of
                       our charged,imperfect brotherhood. Neither of us fears a thing about the other, yet knows
                       there is much to fear about both of us.

Man, I just went from the clutch hitting single minor leaguer to the  little leagues. But I thank those of you who said, "you write well, Bill." Pat, on the other hand, writes symphonically. I will keep practicing!

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  1. Happy to see you are still willing to practice writing, can we expect another book any time soon????