Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Surround yourself with the music you enjoy. I do. Part of our Tranquility Center in Plantation plays peaceful,relaxing music throughout the day. Everyone loves it--especially our staff. It porovides a soothing and calming background to the trauma we hear about and seek to neutralize. It salves our minds.

At home, as well, I have music--soft jazz or classical--playing throughout our waking hours. It provides a pleasant backdrop to whatever we are doing. It is playing now as I type.

No matter what your musical preferences I encourage you to lanquish and bathe in music. It heals your soul while awakening your senses and tranquilizing your anxieties. It is pure therapy.

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  1. Music soothes the savage beast... somewhat harsh.
    Music certainly soothes our souls. Yes, in our tranquility center we enjoy incredible music with state-of the-art surround sound. Soon, we will be providing individual cd's orchestrated by staff and clients in an effort to provide visitors with something "to go" after their sessions. Its' all good!

    Tranquility Center Director
    William Penzer, Ph.D & Associates