Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The many people we encounter in our lives serve as a form of therapy--even though most are untrained. Bartenders, nail techs and hair stylists all hear more than their fare share of troubles from their clients. So do friends, coworkers, neighbors and others with whom we socialize and interact.

Though there may be some forces missing from these interactions that are part of a more traditional therapy, ( see tomorrows blog)  these can be helpful as well.

Important is to consider the source. The venting is always helpful, but sometimes the advice leaves something to be desired. Usually, you can judge the advice based on how the other person is living their own life. If it is stable their advice may be helpful. If there's is a chaotic scene, the helpfulness typically declines.

Yet I have met many less than stable therpaists, whose advice, support and help is top notch,despite their own messes. It is hard to predict, but we should always consider the source.

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