Friday, October 30, 2009


Mental Floss? What the heck is mental floss? I don't even use dental floss!!

Unfortunately, most people use dental and mental floss inconsistently,at best. We know that dental floss cleans out the spaces between our teeth and helps prevent the build up of bacteria in our gums.Mental floss does the same thing for our mind.

Emotional cess makes a mess when it leaks through our protective dam. Mental floss prevents the buildup of emotional plaque in our cess pool and on our dam. It limits the likeihood of spillage and leaking. Unfortunately,no one has invented the laser equivilent of dental floss for the mind. But there are some tools available:

                                                            anything that relaxes us that does not involve an addiction
                                                            filling our pride bank with positive entries every day--sometimes
                                                            just for showing up
                                                            reframing things in a more positive way (an example to follow)
                                                            setting the bars of our goals fairly and realistically
                                                            shutting down the negative, self-critical voice in our heads that
                                                            calls us names and puts us down
                                                            feeling grateful for what we got no matter what-sometimes just being
                                                            alive will do
                                                            not personalizing that which is not ours to own

I am sure there are more tools and will cover them when I think of them.

 An example of reframing occurred today. I had to get a new printer because the new printer I bought last week failed in four days of  use. I was determined to install it myself having just paid someone to do that a week ago. Those feelings were increased by a less than kind retailer who told me I was a fool to pay someone to install a printer--"It's simple!" Easy for him-difficult for me.. I gave it a shot. I spent about an hour. I got to a certain point and then I called for reinforcements. My guy showed up an hour later and took it through to completion in about a half hour.

I could have processed this as a major failure to achieve my goal. I chose instead to say, "Hey, Bill feel proud you overcame your technophobia and gave it a shot. You weren't exactly raised in a techno time. Feel proud you have websites, a blog and do email obsessively every day. You didn;t fail-you knew your limits and stopped when you needed to which allowed you to succeed.  THAT'S  AN EXAMPLE OF REFRAMING. Try it and you will like it and you will like you more.

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