Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yesterrday I used the term "vitaminds".  I first used that phrase in 1989 in "Getting Back Up From An Emotional Down." If you have the book look on page 174. If you don't let me know and I will give you one. I still have over 10,000 copies in my garage. It was a great book, but not a best seller. How's that for positivism. I'm just happy I wrote a book--3 actually. If you are a publisher my contact info is down below!

The subheading was "Vitaminds Instead of Landmines". It talks about the positive,validating and reinforcing aspects of therapy. It then goes on to say, "if you have reached a point of neutrality on your own,you then need to include more positive statements in your daily diet....I am referrring, however, to giving ourselves internal acknowlegementswhen we deserve them....Our fight for a more compassionate sense of self is one that involves challenging and overcoming all the inaccurate and exaggerated standards which we were taught....We need as much positive self as we can muster".  I couldn''t agree with me more!

However, today I would include a much longer list of Vitaminds

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