Tuesday, October 27, 2009


If you read my blog on Thursday (and if you haven't I recommend it) you begin to realize that happiness and positivism require energies being directed in specific ways. Achieving those states of being is not a passive process (see previous blogs on active vs. passive). They require we make some committments to our selves that allow investing some of our time in ways that strenghthen those feelings.

The good news is that we don't have to invest alot of money in the process. Most of the time, that which feeds happy and positive are not costly. In fact, the expensive stuff seems to satisfy in the moment,but fades quickly over time. The new car gets dirty and scuffed and the new whatever is often taken for granted within months of its arrival--not always,but often.

Our stinginess enters in because we as people typically don't prioritize our needs. Lots of times we don't even think about them as we run about the planet in a tizzy and a tailspin prioritizing others over ourselves. I am encouraging you to think about this area and begin to identify what "vitaminds" will work for you. Step 2 is allowing the time to engage in them. If you do, Step 3 is more positive feelings and greater happiness.

More on this tomorrow.

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  1. If folks were looking for the closest Cracker Barrell, they would find their way, maybe with the help of a GPS system: If MACY'S had an annual sale, you can count on a packed parking lot and a store filled with people spending thousands and thousands of dollars mostly on those things that are "reduced": Publix draws a big crowd in its' two for one promotion; these everyday occurences are popular among our population.

    If the pursuit of happiness were as valuable as daily bargains, discounted stuff there for the taking, I wonder if therapist office parking lots would be full; I wonder if people understood or at least tried to, that self appreciation, wellness, happiness and love are the starting points to the Good Life. In Dr. Penzer's blog there exists a clearing house on everything and anything we might need. I have come to the conclusion after thirty years in helping and promoting the most wealthy and the most poor; happiness, compassion, wellness and unconditional love is a choice in lifestyle or not; for those notters its simply not important. There is no question that when the s..., hit the fan; with life circumstances far beyond our control; All of us will wish we employed our resilency skills. I am grateful that I learned this early in life. I have spent the majority of my professional life working really hard on teaching, preaching and demonstrating the importance of this kind of existence. I have made a point of surrounding myself with like-minded individiuals that keep the good stuff going. Just like anything in life, if you want it, its there for the taking. Also, just like any helpful intervention in life, if you're not ready and wanting of it, it won't happen. My humble advice, start to find strength and happiness somewhere. Take a look in your mirror and ask yourself if you are satisfied, doing the best you can to be what you can be, whatever that is. All of us benfit from self-help, the kind that is shared through Bill's blog every business day. If it helps motivate you, this site is free, its on sale, the only cost is your personal and emotional investment.

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