Monday, October 26, 2009


In Friday's blog I mentioned GLOP. Glop is a way some seek to find happiness. Believe me when I say it is not there. Glop breeds trouble and pain, sadness and loss. Glop is everywhere and it calls our name.

Glop is a word I use to symbolize the self-defeating, self-destructive,greed-based temptations that surround us.There is glop in a plate, in a glass, pill bottle, street drugs, casino, boardroom and bedroom. There is glop in shops and on credit cards. Porno is glop too as are inappropriate emails and texts or voice mails.

Intriguingly, when we are unhappy glop is well positioned to strike our vulnerable parts. When we are unhappy, we are more likely to say, "What the hey..." When we are in physical or emotional pain glop sneaks in where angels fear to tread. Glop takes advantage of our vulnerable child parts that want what they want when they want it. Just ask the child molestor coach, the politicians snagged a few weeks ago, the ponzi scheamer dreamers, the husband or wife whose emails or texts outed their daliences or the people who got DUI's this week, how happy and positive they are right now?

Watch the glop. Stop the glop.In the long run it always plays out like a sad country song. Manage your life well and avoid the temporary nonsolutions of glopful encounters. There are much better ways to seek a more permanent positivism and happiness. Read last weeks blogs for openers.

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