Friday, October 23, 2009


Fritz Perls, a Gestalt Psychologist once said, "I am me and you are you. If by chance we meet it can be wonderful. If not, it can't be helped." There may have been more, but I can't remember. I had it hanging in my office for many years.

My interpretation was that we are all different creatures and there is no doub that "One person's meat...." My blog of my comfort zones was mean't to be stimulating, not requiring emulating. You may hate the smell of candles. Fountains may evoke nothing but a need to pee. Your music may be heavy metal or (OMG bless) rap! Reading and exercising may be on your bottom 10 list. You may be disappointed in the one you are with. The beach may be equivilent to scratching on a blackboard.

I don't CARE what floats your boat. I want you to start taking better CARE  of you. If you do you will be happier and more positive.It is that simple,yet so, so difficult. We can be so stingy with ourselves and so giving with others.

Our differences are why they make chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and many other flavors. Find yours and start licking. If you want to feel happier and more positive do something about it. This is no time for a pity party. This is time to party hardy in whatever way you feel comfortable--as long as it is not GLOPFUL.

I hope you get my drift because I am going walking in the park  now and then to the gym. It is finally cool and I am going outside. I hope you go outside the box and find what works for you. I might even shoot a few hoops at the park. It connects me to my youth. Believe me when I say I need all the youth I can find right now cause I ain't too impressed with the aging process, beyond it being a better option than the alternative.

Some day we will all be gone sad to say. Seize the moment right now. You deserve the right to enjoy, feel positive and be happy. If not now, when? Ask yourself, when? I hope you answer right now, this minute and tomorrow as well.

Bye For Now,


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