Thursday, October 29, 2009


As I said yesterday my list of vitaminds now is much longer than it was in 1989. I would define a vitamind as anything that we do that has potential positive influence on our mind and that encourages  happier feelings. Many also add to our pride banks as well.

The following list is not comprehensive and does not take into account individual preferences which may not personally enjoy that which I define as vitaminds. Each person needs to create his/her own list. The list is not in any particular order:

                                     physical activity
                                     relaxation tools such as meditation, yoga, guided imagery,etc
                                     healthy eating habits
                                     taking medications when appropriate and administered by a physician
                                     outdoor activities including parks and the beach for South Floridians
                                     going to an art show or museum
                                     going to a fair or festival
                                     occasional distractions like reading, TV or movies
                                     making love/having sex
                                     calling a friend
                                     playing board games
                                     getting a massage,going in a hot tub,steam or sauna
                                     floating on a raft
                                     listening to music
                                     arts and crafts of any kind
                                     taking a trip
                                     enjoying a bubble bath with or without candles
                                     having an OCCASIONAL glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage
                                     pursuing any hobby or personal interest
                                     taking a class for fun or profit
                                     repeating affirmations on a daily basis
                                     writing your own personalized affirmations
                                     sending yourself an email or text every once in a while reminding yourself of
                                     your specialness or whatever the message you need to remember
                                     playing or watching your favorite sport
                                     doing something you used to enjoy doing

I am sure I left many things out. Feel free to comment with any that I didn't include. It would be interesting to do an audit of sorts to see how much of your time you do any of these.It will provide a clear barometer for how well you are taking care of you and how you are or are not contributing to your happiness. I, for one, hope you are.

Tomorrow I want to talk about mental floss.

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