Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The roads to getting hooked on happy and positivism is a slow one with many obstacles in our path. First you need to get to neutral which, for most people, takes a little while in its own right. Then from neutral we have to reframe the way we look at life. We need to change the filters that cause our thinking patterns which, in turn, greatly influence our emotional reactions aka our feelings.

 As I have previously written in a brief article called." The Slow Evolving Process of Personal Growth," (see menu choice writings),our personal growth comes slowly. It also comes at any time which makes the adage,"you can't teach an old dog new tricks," totally untrue. This old dog has learned many new tricks in the past few years! Slow as it might be it is a wonderful  and fulfilling feeling when it arrives.

Let's look at  some of the filters we need to incorporate inorder to get to positive spaces more of the time:
                                . gratitude for all the stuff we are thankful for--and we gotta count it all--write
                                  it down if that will help
                                . acceptance of the many issues over which we have no control (say the serenity
                                  prayer three times a day)
                                . optomism that things will turn out all right for ourselves and those we love
                                .  healthy denial that bad things happen to other people and not us or ours
                                . compassion for ourselves and others given our imperfections,limitations
                                  and shortcomings
                                 . a strong sense, based on the reality of our lives, that we deserve happiness,
                                   pleasure,comfort, peace of mind,etc.
                                 . a sentry that catches us going back into negativity and propels us forward into
                                   positive space
                                  . an understanding that happiness and positivism are not always going to be
                                    present when our lives encounter a speed bump,but that we will cope and rise above
                                    and return to positive ASAP--or at least as soon as that is appropriate

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  1. For those of you attending our "Stay Up" groups, todays blog by Dr. Penzer illustrates the steps incorporated in our group work. Having known Dr. Penzer for close to 30 years; I am inspired to see that he has chosen;
    The Serenity Prayer (see bottom)
    Healthy Denial - directed optimism
    A Sense of Senty (Guardian Angel)
    I believe and live with this attitude. I found it along the way, having worked on my wellness and productivity with Dr. Penzer taught me how to enjoy the beauty and joy in life. Period. The time to accept that these things can be yours is NOW. Now, in the sense that Dr. Penzer talks about. Pay Attention, bring in the banquet of beauty life has to offer. Practice embacing all things; especially our challenges. This is time well spent; whats the alternative? Same ole same ole worry, doubt, anger, confusion.... it is even hard for me to type those words. Yuk, cess, and a waste of precious time.

    The Serenity Prayer

    " God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change.. Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference."

    I humbly submit the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

    " Lord make me a channel of Thy Peace,
    That there is hatred - I may bring love
    That there is wrong - I may bring the spirit of forgiveness..
    That there is discord - I may bring harmony...
    That where there is error - I may bring truth..
    That where there is doubt - I bring faith..
    That where there is despair - I may bring hope....
    That where there are shadows - I may bring Thy light...
    That where there is sadness - I may bring joy.
    God, grant that I may seek rather:
    To comfort - than to be comforted..
    To understand - than to be understood...
    To love - than to be loved..
    It is giving - that one receives..
    It is self-forgetting- that one finds...
    It is by forgiving - that one is forgiven..
    It is dying - that one awakes to eternal life.

    All things are precious, hold on tight to what you love. Work hard to bring in the things that are proven and positive; Dr. Penzer laid it out for us today. I am grateful.

    Tranquility Center
    William Penzer Ph.D and Associates