Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yesterday I spoke about the many forms of therapy that life offers us. When I wrote the article,"Taking Better Care of You: The Secret Doors" (available on the website,menu choice writings), I suggested that people think of what they enjoyed when they were younger and  if possible,start doing it again,

In thinking about that I remembered how much I enjoyed playing basketball as a kid in the schoolyard at PS 64 in the Bronx. I wasn't all that good at it, but I really enjoyed it. So after that article I bought myself a basketball and after walking in the park, if time permits, I spend 10-15 minutes doing basketball "therapy".

Not only is it healthy exxercise and not only does it make me feel younger and not only does it remind me of happier and simpler times (where the only terrorists we knew of were teachers!),but darn if I'm not shooting more accurately now than I did at PS 64. That's what I call great therapy!

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