Thursday, September 24, 2009


I recently received a well writtten email from a young woman about the wars we have been engaged in since 9/11. She was particularly upset about our troops being killed and mamed and even those who are so far away from home and their families. She suggested we become more involved

It made me think of the Viet Nam days where those of us who were opposed to that and any war, protested. We held rallies, listened to speeches,sang protest songs and marched locally and on Washington. I was part of that movement and marched in New York and Washington in the late 60's.

I couldn't help but wonder why that spirit of protest has disappeared? Where are the marchers and the songs? Why wasn't there more protest as it became clear that the war on Iraq and weapons of mass destruction was a result of a misguided mission?

I don't know the answer ,but something has changed in our society Perhaps the danger of technology is not only the impersonal, but also the inactivity. The computer and its virtual world is passive. It desensitizes us to war in the same way video games desensitize our young to violence. Our voice--protest or otherwise--has been reduced to 140 characters! We live too much of our life in a sitting position. In the 60's we moved about the planet regularly. Life required action. Today, life requires typing. We move our fingers more than our butts!

I hope we shall overcome, someday,but I'm just not sure anymore and that my friends is a bit of a bummer. Let's get off our butts and do something,even if it is to send a carepackage to a soldier in the Middle East. I am going to find out how to do that and let you know in a future blog.

No, we can't stop the wars,but we can do something positive which will help someone else and ourselves at the same time. That is the nature of human service. That requires action!

As I said in last Monday's blog the formula for success in life is:

                                   SHOW UP
                                   TAKE ACTION
                                   TRY YOUR VERY BEST


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