Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Clearly, I have been put on the,"Desperate for Cash" list. Last week, and I kid you not, I received nine emails wanting to share millions of dollars with me. Yusef Ahmed wants to give me 40% of 10.5 million--a transaction which is "100% risky free".

Mr Phil Herald credited my email address with $891,934.00 and Michael Smith told me in confidence that I have 1,000,000.00 GBP from the MONDAY GROUP. I must, "confirm this receipt by replying the due process unit officer."

Now folks, the first thing I want to say is that if you want to scam me you really need to know English.As soon as I see those misspellings and gramatical goulosh I am onto you like butter on bread. All the Bank of America look alike emails that say there is a problem with your account so provide us with the following info so we can fix it are easy to spot because of their mistakes. Also, if you want me to bite on a million,you need to tell me whether GBP is a Great Britain Pound or a Grab Bag of Piss! Also guys, no more "risky free" nonsense. If I am going to get a bundle of money I need to know that the risk is there or else how can I believe you're really going to pony up. Finally, you need to provide a reason you want to share this huge sum with me. I might just bite if you told me that "I want to share this with you and you alone Dr. Penzer, as a reward for your brilliance ( but you gotta spell it correctly!). "Handsome and brilliant" and I'm all in baby!

On a more serious note beware of scammers. As the internet becomes more advanced they will multiply and become even more creative. The scarry thing is that obviously people do get sucked into these seemingly ridiculous offers, for if they didn't I wouldn't be receiving so many emails all dealing with the same thing.

By the way, please take me off the "Desperate for Cash" list. It is true that my practice is a little bit slow this summer, but as my grandma would say, "I am fortunate. I have what to eat!"

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