Monday, September 28, 2009


I have always said that therapy comes in many different forms. Sitting in a "shrink's" office is only one kind.

To me therapy speaks not only to change and growth, but also to comfort and peace of mind. Think of all the things that offer that--many for free. Include a walk in the park or a bench on the beach, pleasant, relaxing music, a meaningful book, film or play.Also include the kinds of activities offerred by our Tranquility Center Director, Mimi---meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback,heart math...... Your first visit there is complimentary.

Think of those things that give you pleasure and a lift and be sure to add them to your list of weekly,if not daily activities. Take advantage of all the"therapy" life offers. For sure we can all benefit from whatever feeds our comfort and peace of mind.

 Give yourself permission and enjoy!

Bye For Now,


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