Friday, September 11, 2009


This famous rallying cry by Bill Clinton is still relevant. Even though I am switching to I still reserve the right to speak of issues financial.

As you may recall I started this blog searching for realistic optomism in our efforts to cope with the economy.

Let me be clear. Reality suggests we are a long way from being over with what came as close to a '29 depression as we have seen. Optomism suggests there is a spike in people's confidence based on some indicators, including the stock market and the governments support of significant institutions.

We aren't as paniced as we were. Many are reporting improved sales though quite a few are still struggling. Confidence and optomism are positive and need to continue.

Let us not forget those unemployed, those who have had to walk away from homes, those who have no medical insurance and who can't afford their prescriptions,let alone doctor copays. Too many people are struggling badly for us to assume all is well and the worst is over. The stock market may look forward (and sometimes is wrong), but we must look at the reality of the now and be careful not to repeat the mistakes we have made. Cautious, conservative optomism still seems the best strategy. The celebrations may be a ways off. Let us never forget those who have or are suffering. Especially today!

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