Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We who have arrived in this world are among the blessed.When you think about it the odds of any of us actually being born are lotto like--actually power ball lotto like. Though we may have some hard times when we wish we were never born,the reality is we were all given the gift of experiencing personhood and the joys and sorrows of living.

Being born is really an opportunity to be and to grow--to give and to receive.

It is important that we use our opportunities wisely and protect ourselves from imploding. Learning lessons from our life experiences and not falling into addictive traps of one form or another are critically important.

We arrive and if we live long enough leave in a helpless and weakened state of mind and body. What we do with our time in between is what counts.

I hope, despite these difficult times, you can rise to the challenge by loving, achieving, enjoying and finding peace of mind. Best as I can tell those are the important signposts on our journey.

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