Friday, September 18, 2009


Tonight begins the holiest period in the Jewish Religion that celebrates the New Year. Commemorates is probably a better term as it is not a celebration akin to New Years eve. In fact, Yom Kippur-the day of atonement-is a fast of 24 hours and for those who are religious and even some that typically are not, an all day temple service. People are supposed to go to water to cast away their sins of the previous year. Fortunately for me I have nothing to cast away.

What is interesting is the similarities between religions. All deal with good and evil issues and ways to be forgiven for the bad and encouraged toward the light of the good. From early on--Adam and Eve time-- until right this moment the battle for people to behave positively has raged on unabated. This is why the Dalai Lama in yesterday's blog encouraged us to distinquish ourselves from animals.

My simple minded formula on this subject is that we all have within us a "pride bank" and a "shame and blame account." The goal of healthy, happy, comfortable living is to fill the former and prevent entries into the latter. Not complicated,but not always easy,but doable.

I wish everyone, whatever your religious affiliation, health, peace of mind and a year filled with pride bank deposits every day.

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