Monday, September 21, 2009


Last week, well known people gave us a lesson in anger management. Think Mr. West  (also a lesson in not drinikng alcohol out of a bottle in public...and one in the danger of alcohol  increasing our already existing assholic tendencies). Perhaps I will write an article called, "The Assholic Alcoholic." Then again perhaps all alcoholics are by definition.

Also think Serena who hit a hard, low backhand shot right at the umpire and double faulted. Her role model influence sadly faded to rap star levels.

Then go to the "BIG LIE" congressman from the south who thought he was making a point and instead made a fool of himself and his state.

What were these people thinking?  Truth be known they weren't. Anger is a force that takes us from rational to primitive in a firey,self-destructive crash and burn moment. I encourage you to learn from these and other examples and curb your temper before it throws you to the curb.

By the way I an planning to run an anger management for celebrities workshop, so if you know any, have them call "my people" so their participation can be arranged.

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  1. Good Stuff Bill, anger like 150 proof grain alcohol leaves a bad taste in anybody's mouth and some serious fallout for those around them.