Friday, September 4, 2009


Many years ago I was trying to help a man with his anger issues. They revolved mostly around his road rage. All of our talk and my rational appeals seemed to fall on hard of hearing ears. Actually, he heard me loud and clear,but his behavior remained unchanged. He would do the usual stuff--chase after those who cut him off, curse and scream at offending drivers and even a few "put up your dukes" scenes. You don't want to know what he said about older drivers. Good I was young then.

Sometimes life offers built in cures aka serendipity. One day he was at the airport waiting for a parking spot,signal blinking. The car pulled out and a pick up truck pulled around the corner and right into the spot totally ignoring my guy. He jumped out of his car with red faced rage, righteous indignation and explicatives flying.

The guy in the pick up calmly pointed a 357 Magnum in my guy's face and said, "Do you really want to have this fight? "No sir," my guy politely said as he backed away and drove off as fast as possible. He was cured on the spot. He came in and told me the story and never returned to road rage or my office. I would like to think that our talks seeded his awakening as the gun certainly validated my appeals.

The moral of the story is as I said yesterday, "So better not to know them and just pass on by."

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