Wednesday, August 5, 2009


OK. So this is the last in the perseverance series-- at least for a while. As you know, I view it as a character trait up there with integrity, loyalty and honor.
Then again there is a fine line between persisting with perseverance and being pesty about it!

Sunday morning I decided to walk in the park. By 3/4 around the first time it was blisteringly hot--90+ according to my car thermometer at 10:30AM. It felt as if I was walking through a long, oval pizza oven.

The sweat had formed several layers on my skin. I could have shaved without cream. My shirt looked as if someone sprayed me with water. Someone could have water skied on my brow. I was dripping perspiration in pores that hadn't opened in years.

Much of my mind said, "Give it up! Go back to your car and have a cold drink and then head home." The more stubborn/persistent part of me prevailed. "Look at the guys playing soccer or even full court basketball. Look at the guys playing baseball in their jerseys and heavy wool sleeves," it said. That part of me pushed me to continue. Of course, that part of my mind forgot they were half or less my age.

Continue I did. That's perseverance!

Whether it is in the park or in other areas of your life I encourage you to keep pushing yourself to rise to the challenge and continue. I survived. The liklihood is you will too. It feels so good when we do. GO GALS, GO GUYS!

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