Thursday, August 13, 2009


So I followed my own advice from yesterdays blog. I said hello to everyone who walked by me who didn't look as far away from me as possible. I termed those folks, "elevator rider walkers".

The responses from the rest of the people varied. There are "grunters", "head noders","thumbs uppers" and "groaners." There are also a minority who say, "Good Morning" or "Hello/Hi".

The winner was a tall African American man who said hello to me first. When I said, "Hi, How are you today?" he said, "Doing Great Thank you. How are you doing?" He must be from Georgia or California(if you don't get that you didn't read yesterdays blog).

The cool thing was that nomatter what the response I felt good trying to reach out and be friendly. I chose not to take nonresponses personally. There is definitely something to be said for trying to be a little friendlier in our standoffish community.

Try it and you might just like it and the responses you receive. Spread the work, "HELLO" and pass it on. Who knows what might come of it? We might start a whole new trend! F'in A right! (if you don't get that you didn't read Tuesdays blog). Get with the program people. HELLO!

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  1. Bill, do you know how they make holy water?
    They fill a pot with water put it on the stove and boil de "hell" out of it...
    And then they freeze it in the Vatican to make popecicles...
    Ask people what makes them laugh. Did you see the movie Looking for Comedy in The Muslim World by Albert Brooks? It is funny.
    Silvia :-)